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Security settings were, by far, the hottest new feature in IE6.

Although they improved the security issues dramatically, changes in the way operators surfed for content caused continuing challenges that IE7 will address. To be fair, there are always new threats to the security of any Microsoft platform. This may be one issue that drives users to Mac platforms; which seem immune to most of the problems plaguing Microsoft.

The reason I would have chosen IE6 over Netscape (Realizing this is old news now in 2014).

Enthusiasts were excited about Microsoft’s new browser. It is integrated with the operating system. So, any glitches that needed to be fixed could simply be reported using Explorer's auto reporting feature and Microsoft attempts to find the fix for you by searching it’s database. That database is created when users allow IE6 to report a crash event. To this day, I find Explorer a lot more stable than the new Netscape, Firefox. The downside to any version of Explorer is also the strength of being integrated into the Microsoft operating system -- it makes a tempting target for hackers.

May the competition between browsers continue to bring us all of the latest innovations the Web has to offer.

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